Top Tips for Tipping your Caregivers at the Holidays

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It is time to get the envelopes out…you know the ones. You will spend much time thinking about how much money should go into thoseTipping your family's caregiversenvelopes that will go to the people in your life that help you care for your loved ones. And it is tough! You don’t want to give too little because it will seem like you do not appreciate all they have done throughout the year. And that is not true! But equally, most of us do not have the luxury to be overly extravagant.

Fret no more; we have compiled a very easy guide to help you get it right:

  • Full time caregivers in your home, such as Nannies and Senior Caregivers, usually get a week’s salary
  • Part-time caregivers, such as babysitters or dog walkers/ pet sitters as well as housekeepers, should get up to 100% of their usual ‘visit’ fee
  • Caregivers employed by an organisation, such as a senior caregiver at a retirement home or even your kids teachers, are a little bit trickier. You should check with the organisation about their tipping policy. Note that teachers rarely get a cash gift; a gift certificate is likely more appropriate or sometimes the class goes in on one gift together. Ask other mothers what the ‘done thing’ is at your school if you are new.

Worried that giving money feels crass? Don’t! Giving a store gift certificate or a significant gift you have hand picked yourself will make you feel good but maybe less good for your caregiver. Whilst a nice scarf, for example, is lovely, the cash tip might be needed for bills or other pressures. The universal gift certificate – cash – is always appreciated.

That does not mean that you cannot or should not give a small homemade or purchased gift along with the cash tip. A card made by your kids will be much appreciated. Home made baked goods are always a nice idea. And even a small wrapped gift can be a great way to express how much someone is appreciated when added to the ‘tip envelope’.

Happy Holidays – to one and all!

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