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I'm currently pursuing my undergraduate degree in English Lit and Cinema Studies. I hope to either go to teacher's college, or to graduate school. Either way, I would like to continue my education past my bachelor's degree, and get a job that I feel truly passionate about.


Anglais, Français

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Salaire:$6.25 / heure
Gardienne disponible

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7 années


I'm been working in child care since I was 11 years old. I began with babysitting, and then worked as a camp counsellor at the Maple Grove United Church Vacation Bible School. When I was 15-16, I worked as a piano teacher as well, teaching kids aged 8-11. Most recently, I was a Research Volunteer at Sick Kids, working in the Physiological Research Department, playing games with patients and hopefully making their hospital stay more enjoyable, although I know that's extremely hard to do. I was also a Program Play Leader for the Little Picassos Program at the Town of Oakville last summer, organizing everything from crafts to scavenger hunts. In this position, I was given the Initiative Award, along with the Co-Worker Award. I love working with kids, and I hope to pursue a career in childcare.

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jusqu'à 4

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Je n'ai pas de de préférence

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Salaire:$6.25 / heure

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