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In search of: Nanny for the day time with some experience for a 3-year-old child with some special medical needs Availability: 2-3 days a week (possibly eventually increasing to 4 days) Location: family home (apartment) located in the Old Port, bordering Centre-Sud (near Metro Berri-UQAM) Employer status: Registered with provincial and federal government DESCRIPTION The Child: Our lovely 3-year-old girl was born with a rare a metabolic disorder. Because she is very sensitive to infections, she cannot go to a regular day care. She must follow a strict diet and take medications with each meal. She’s a happy kid with mild development delay who loves nursery rhymes, stickers, parks, and books! She’s a joy to be around. She can eat but also has a feeding tube (gastrostomy tube) which allows for easy administration of her medications and adjustments to her diet . She is followed at the Montreal Children’s Hospital where she has follow-up visits every several weeks. She lives in a bilingual household (maternal and strong language is French, father speaks English). The Family Situation: We (the parents) both work so we are looking for a reliable, punctual, responsible and children-loving person to take care of our child full-time during weekdays. The mom works close to the home and is easily accessible if needed. The selected candidate will complete the following daily tasks: • Prepare the child’s formula feeds and meals, • Feed the child according to a pre-established schedule, • Supervise meals and encourage autonomy in feeding, • Keep a log of the child’s food consumption, • Draw (liquid) doses of medication, • Give medications according to a pre-established schedule, • Stimulate the child’s development (motor, cognitive, and language development) by playing with her and reading to her, • Take care of the hygiene, health, and safety of the child, • Any other daily task related to the care of a young child. The selected candidate must: • Be capable of using a gastrostomy tube. (Tube-feeding is not a complicated process. Experience with enteral feeding equipment is not necessary; the willingness to learn is however essential.) • Be willing to accompany the child to medical visits, if needed. (A car is not needed; transportation costs would be covered by the parents if necessary.) • Become a regular fixture in the daily life of our child, learn about her particular needs and her illness. We hope that the chosen person will be involved in the development of our child and help her to progress towards autonomy. • Be able to respond quickly and discerningly in medical emergencies Note: paid training over several days will be available. STRENGTHS Experience or related training (nursing, CPE, special education, etc.) Familiarity with enteral feeding Some knowledge of nutrition Flexibility with schedules CONTACT: Interested applicants should provide a resume or summary of experience and a letter of motivation. *Please contact us through this site and we will provide you with our email address*


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