Fun and Safety in the Sun!

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It’s summer and the kids want to be outside enjoying the sun. Gosh, those wonderful days of summer as a kid. Simply parents and babysitter tips for sun protectionawesome! That is until someone gets burnt! But sunburns – which can bring tears and pain and long-term damage – are avoidable. Here are some tips for Moms and Dads and Nannies and Babysitters alike:

  • Use sunscreen – Everyone should wear sunscreen but young skin is particularly sensitive. Babies should be kept covered and out of direct sunlight, particularly during the period of 1100 – 1500. Kids should have sunscreen applied all over their bodies and their faces – no matter how much they squirm and complain! Use at least 15 SPF and check the expiration date on the bottle.
  • Re-apply sunscreen – Sunscreen should be re-applied throughout the day as it will wear off. Even waterproof sunscreen should be re-applied after dips in the pool.
  • Wear sunglasses – Whilst many adults choose sunglasses for fashion (Top Gun Aviators anyone? Big Jackie O’s?), kids need sunglasses to protect their eyes.
  • Find some shade – Set up your ‘operations’ under a tree or umbrella so when kids come back for a towel, drink or bite to eat, they get some time out of the sun. Keep cool!
  • Watch for Heat Exhaustion (which can lead to heat stroke) – if you notice the kids are feeling faint, dizzy, confused, nauseous or headachy, heat exhaustion could be the cause. Quickly move to a cool place, get lots of water down and apply cool cloths to the skin. If the symptoms persist, consider calling your doctor.

Also check out the Los Angeles-based non-profit Sun Safety for Kids to ensure your kids have a fun AND safe summer in the sun!

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