Fun Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

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Hot! Hot! Hot!

We spend months bemoaning the cold and dreaming of warmer days. Be careful what you wish for because it can get really hot at the height of summer! If your family is feeling the effects of the blistering sun, try some of these fun ways to beat the summer heat:

  • Running through the sprinklers – classic summer fun, no childhood is complete without memories of running beat the heat in the summerthrough the sprinklers on a hot summers day
  • Bobbing for apples – you may have thought it was only for Halloween, but consider how great a dunk in a cool tub of water would feel right about now
  • Water balloon hot potato – poke some small holes in a water balloon filled with water and toss it around in a circle until it breaks or is empty. Warning – you will get wet playing this game!
  • Water gun Marco Polo – Played in the backyard rather than a pool, the person who is ‘it’ closes his or her eyes, while others hide. When the game begins, the person who is ‘it’ calls Macro, armed with a water gun, and squirts in the direction of the Polo screams back. When someone gets hit with the water, they are then ‘it’
  • Watermelon seed spitting contest – Cut open a big watermelon and take turns to see who can spit the seeds the furthest. (Note – some Moms may not like this one so get permission first!)
  • Make ice cream sundaes – it is messy and fun and always a treat. Make sure to have lots of yummy toppings
  • Have an indoor adventure – if it is just too hot outside, consider some indoor adventures such as teddy bear hide and seek or a playroom picnic

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