How to Create Good Lines of Communication with your Nanny and Babysitters

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Consider the amount of time you spend thinking about how your children are doing: Are they happy? Do they play well with others? This is probably just the tip of the iceberg.

Report cards and parent evenings give teachers a chance to share what they have observed about your children. But are you forgetting a group who are just as important as you as parents and your kids teachers?

Nannies and babysitters spend as much time, if not more with your children and often see them playing with others and when they are most themselves. Your nanny and babysitters have valuable information about your kids and you should be deliberate in learning what they know and what they are thinking. You should take time to hear about any issues your nanny or babysitters are facing in caring for your kids so he or she can perform their best.

Follow the simple tips below to create good lines of communication with your nanny and babysitters:

—> Take the time to get to know your nanny or babysitters (how can you have meaningful discussions with someone who is a stranger? And do you want a virtual stranger caring for your children?)

—> Treat your nanny or babysitters with respect (as they are doing the most important job on earth by caring for your children when you are unable to do so yourself!)

—> Create an open and honest environment (by speaking franking about even the more difficult topics; lead by example!)

—> Set aside time to talk about any issues that should be discussed (or else you might not find the time and things can build up; it may seems difficult to squeeze in 5 or 10 more minutes but it is well worth the investment)

—> Make it clear that you are approachable (because even if you have time set aside to talk, issues might arise that need to be discussed outside of the formally organised times).

Taking the time to talk to your nanny and creating an open and honest environment is one of the best investments you can make so make it a priority!

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