Skip the Trick and TREAT yourselves to a family party instead!

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A Halloween party at home can be a memory your kids and friends never forget! And what are the ingredients for a great party? You will need to make your own guest list and decide on costumes but here are great and easy ideas for the rest:

Halloween Decorations: Decorate the front door as your favourite monster like Frankenstein; Create Glowing Eyes in the bushes by cutting eyes into toilet paper rolls and putting glow sticks inside; white sheets over helium balloons create Floating Ghosts; Bats can be cut out of construction paper and hung around the house or off of branches from the yard for a great table center piece; and orange and white balloons with scary faces painted on them (with fat felt-tipped pens!) create scary ghouls!

Healthy Halloween Food: Witches Broom Sticks (pretzel sticks and string cheese tied with a chive); Skull and Cross Bones veggie dip (skullmade from cauliflower with red radish eyes and celery cross bones); Devil Eyeballs (devil eggs with ketchup or hot sauce for red eyeball lines and an olive circle for the iris); Mummies in a blanket (pigs in a blanket with the pastry pulled down to allow you to dot the sausage with mustard to make eyes); and Pumpkin and Ghosts Fruit Deserts (banana ghosts with small chocolate chips for eyes and larger chips for open mouths; peeled clementines with thin celery stalks).

Halloween Games: Most games can have a Halloween twist – like ‘pin the wart on the witch’ instead of on the donkey or musical pumpkin (passing a small pumpkin) instead of musical chairs. So think of your favourite party games and put a Halloween twist on it. But don’t forget those just for Halloween – pumpkin carving contests, guess how many candy corns are in the jar and the classic, bobbing for apples!

If the parents want to have a little fun too, hire some extra babysitters to help with the games and all the excited goblins and ghouls (the kids!). can help you find the extra help you might need.

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