Teaching Respect Starts at Home with Nanny

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Most parents know intuitively that teaching their kids to be respectful of adults, including Nanny, is an important part of parenting. But have they ever thought about why it is so important and why it is particularly important to get this right with Nanny?

What is being respectful?

When you have respect for someone you admire their behaviours or actions; you have a positive feeling towards them. Being respectful is slightly different as it does not require you to feel positively towards them, however it does require you to treat them with consideration, kindness, the same as you would like to be treated and appropriate to their authority.

Why is it so important?

Good manners are important to a stable and functioning society. Some say that treating others with respect is one of the most important things human beings can givThinking about hiring a nanny?e each other as it underpinned by so many other things such as kindness, tolerance, patience, education.

How does it help your child grow and mature?

We all want kids who grow up to be confident and know their self-worth. Being respectful requires one to respect themselves first. And being respectful causes others to respect you. Giving, receiving and having respect is all interlinked.

Why is being respectful to Nanny so important?

Teaching kids to be respectful of Nanny is important because Nanny has a unique place in a child’s world: they are with kids for long periods of time, they are part of the family but yet a paid employee, Nanny has an authority role yet is not Mom or Dad, and Nanny is very likely to have to ask kids to do things they don’t want to do. Kids are likely to be tested most on their ability to be respectful with Nanny, particularly as being respectful does not require always agreeing!

Teaching your child to be respectful of Nanny is not only the right thing to do for Nanny but is also an important element of your child’s education. Kids will not always get it right so be patient and keep working on it!

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