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Diplôme secondaire



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Salaire:$13.5 / heure
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Années d'expérience:

1 année


My name is Amanda, I'm 25 years old, student, I always be dedicated in my studies and also help my mom with the housekeeping. I also worked in kids buffet with entertainment children when I was teenage. After I take care for a daughter's friends of my mother for two years, and my nice too until his 9 years old. Now I'm taking care Victoria, an adorable girl 3yo. I like to see movies, go to cinema or watch Netflix, I read a lot of books and prefer mystery, histories, fiction or business and psychological. I'm pet friendly! I do like to cook too! I'm calm and very organized, have facilities to do anything and I learned fast, don't have problems with rules and following roles too. I'm not a smoker! I believe that I can help anyone with then kids. Just ask me anytime

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2 à 5

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Salaire:$13.5 / heure

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