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I have attended David and Mary Thomson. Not long after I attended George Brown for Medical Office Administrative, and am currently attending Centennial College for Early Childhood Education. After that, I would like to look into studying Culinary Arts.



Préférences d'horaires:





Salaire:$6.25 / heure
Gardienne disponible

Années d'expérience:

2 années


I have previously worked for a family in Malvern, There was an infant and 2 school age boys. I cooked, cleaned and bathed the children during my time with this family. This job was temporary as the mother went back to school. I also volunteer at a nearby Elementary School babysitting while parents and staff have meetings. In addition, I have completed placements in an Infant, Toddler and a Pre School room, and next semester will complete placement in a school age (kindergarden) class. My most recent work has been with a new mother. She had her first baby in December of 2010 and hired me as a guide to ensure proper care in all developmental areas.

Nombre idéal d'enfants sous votre charge:

jusqu'à 4

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Je n'ai pas de de préférence

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Salaire:$6.25 / heure

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