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Niveau de scolarité:

Diplôme secondaire



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Salaire:$6.25 / heure
Gardienne disponible

Années d'expérience:

5 années


Beyond my extensive baby-sitting experience, I have often volunteered with children. For two years I helped organize a youth group for children 8-10. We did everything, from arts and crafts to sports and games, with an emphasis on exploring our own identities. By the end of the year, we were like a family! As well, for the past three years I have volunteered as an assistant dance instructor for the Deacon Dancers of Owen Sound. In this position, I was often the sole adult in charge of a group of fifteen girls (some as young as three). It was often challenging, ensuring that all children were both behaved and involved, but I pride myself on being able to keep calm under pressure. I would never lose my temper with a child and understand the importance of patience.

Nombre idéal d'enfants sous votre charge:

jusqu'à 4

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Je n'ai pas de de préférence

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Salaire:$6.25 / heure

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