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My current education is at Concordia University, as I work towards finishing a degree in Child Studies. I have three semesters left, and have enjoyed the variety in courses. Many have focused on Child Development, Education and Socialization. I have recently spent a semester abroad, studying on exchange at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland. I graduated from Dawson College with a DEC in Social Science- Travel & Tourism in 2010. My High School experience was at Lakeside Academy, where I graduated with Honours in 2007.


Anglais, Français

Préférences d'horaires:





Salaire:$6.25 / heure
Gardienne disponible

Années d'expérience:

5 années


Many of the children I have cared for have had various behavioural issues, stemming from problems they encountered in the foster care system. I believe a level of confidentiality exists so without much detail, I have worked with children who were paralyzed (in Brazil) as well as others with heart conditions, asthma, seizures and those with severe allergies and restricted diets. Each child requires specialized care in those situations, but I am adaptable to their needs and open to the individual ways the needs are cared for.

Nombre idéal d'enfants sous votre charge:

jusqu'à 4

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Je n'ai pas de de préférence

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Salaire:$6.25 / heure

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