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Diplôme universitaire

I have a Master degree in Childhood education and I have been working as elementary school teacher in Italy for the last two years. In the last seven years I have been tutoring elementary, junior high and high school students. Moreover, during my studies I have also worked as kindergarten teacher for one year. I speak Italian (mother tongue), English (advanced), I studied a bit of German and Spanish and I am actually learning French (intermediate).


Italien, Anglais, Français

Préférences d'horaires:





Salaire:$18 / heure
Gardienne disponible

Années d'expérience:

7 années


Hello, my name is Benedetta. Besides teaching, I also have experience as babysitter with babies and toddlers, having taken care of two young brothers of seven and thirty months for more than one year. During my studies, I have also organized and managed summer camps for five consecutive years. I was in charge of a team of five counselors, for a total of twenty five children at the time. All those experiences made me able to identify individual needs in order to help every children to achieve their own goals.

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2 à 5

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Salaire:$18 / heure

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