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With my experience in customer relations, communication skills, and attention to detail, I am well-equipped to provide professional and attentive care as a babysitter. My ability to manage multiple priorities and my strong work discipline ensure that I can handle the responsibilities of childcare effectively. I am dependable and willing to take on additional responsibilities to meet the needs of the family. My experience in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere, problem-solving, and maintaining cleanliness and safety will contribute to a positive and secure environment for children.


Anglais, Russe, Ukrainien

Préférences d'horaires:


Yuliia (21) - Gardienne - Toronto

1 année experience Salaire:$17 / heure


I am a good candidate for a babysitter job because of the following reasons: Dependability: I am reliable and can be trusted to fulfill my responsibilities as a babysitter. Parents can count on me to be punctual and dedicated to caring for their children. Multitasking Abilities: I am skilled at managing multiple tasks simultaneously, which is crucial when caring for children who may require attention, supervision, and assistance with various activities. Attention to Detail: I pay close attention to details, ensuring the safety and well-being of children under my care. I am vigilant about following instructions and guidelines provided by parents to ensure their children's specific needs are met. Communication Skills: I possess strong communication skills, both in speaking and listening. I can effectively communicate with both children and parents, understanding their needs, concerns, and instructions, and conveying information clearly .

Nombre idéal d'enfants sous votre charge:

jusqu'à 2

Âge idéal des enfants sous votre charge:

5 à 8

Prêt à offrir:

Salaire:$17 / heure

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