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Informations générales

Niveau de scolarité:

Diplôme secondaire

I grew up in France and I studied Secretariat and Communication/Human Resources. I worked in France in sales and retail for 10 years. When I arrived in Canada 5 years ago, my English was not the greatest so I start working for Molly Maid as a housekeeper. I really like it, I worked for them for almost a year. But for staying in Canada I needed a "qualified" job for getting my PR and housekeeper was not qualified according to the gouvernement list. So I found a "qualified" job in a french daycare where I learned a lot. I worked there for 3 years. That was a really rich experience. Then I decided to work as a self employee and I found a nice and lovely family. I am taking care of their child and teaching him French. I started when he was 13 months and now he's 2 and a half and speaks French. But now I'm looking for a new family I can work with.


Anglais, Français

Préférences d'horaires:

Régulier, Temps partiel

Alison (34) - Nounou - Etobicoke

Salaire:$25 / heure
Experienced French nanny

Années d'expérience:

4 années


Calm, patient and creative, I love taking care of childrens and having fun with them. I came from France, so I can teach the childrens french and talk to them in french while I am taking care of them, which can definitely be a plus for their professional futur. I worked in a daycare for 3 years and I'm currently a caregiver and early development bilingual educator for toddlers. I also looked after childrens of all ages, which gave me a significant experience with kids. I am not just a nanny, I can teach the toddler/child the alphabet, the numbers, the colors, body parts, geometric shapes, days of the week... But I can also plan fun activities with them like painting, modeling clay, craft, baking class, danse, zoo visit, aquarium visit or any other fun idea parent's would have! My experience of 3 years in the daycare taught me how to plan activities who will help your child to develop his fine motor, gross motor, cognitive and language skills.

Nombre d'enfants:

jusqu'à 3

Nombre d'enfants:

6 mois à 2 ans

Prêt à offrir:

Salaire:$25 / heure

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