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Junior high school degree

I have been babysitting regularly for various families over the past four years. I took a babysitting course about five years and received my certificate. I completed a co-op placement at Our Lady of Lourdes Elementary School from September-February of this past year. At my placement I was essentially a teacher assistant in a grade three classroom. I would read to the students, assist them with classwork, supervise them during activities, problem solve between friends, assist teacher in the classroom, supervised students on field trips and TTC in downtown Toronto, cleaned up the classroom, etc. I thoroughly enjoyed my placement and sadly had to end it as a new semester was starting. I am forever grateful for my placement because it allowed me to expand my communication, organization, leadership and time management skills even further, from my previous babysitting experience. I was able to build relationships with not only the kids, but with teachers, parents and authority figures.



Timing preferences:

Regular, Part-time

Alexandria Contact
Salary:$15 / hour
Passionate, Caring, Fun

Years of experience:

5 years


I believe I am a good candidate for this job because of my genuine love for kids. I have the experience to back my application up, but that is not all that matters. I enjoy spending time with the kids I care for, whether it's playing games with them, cooking with them, listening to their problems or what they did in school that day, etc. I genuinely love their presence and have built strong bonds with every kid I've ever cared for. To expand more on my experience, I have babysat kids between the ages of 2-12, but I most regularly babysit a 2 and a 4 year old in my neighbourhood. I end school at 2:30 and attend school downtown. So it should not be a problem for me to pickup the kids at 3:15 as I am right on the subway line. I also live in East York which is a little more convenient.

Number of children:

up to 4

Age of chidlren comfortable caring:

I have no preference

Ready to offer:

Salary:$15 / hour

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