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Last active 4885 days ago

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Junior high school degree



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Brittany (34) - Babysitter - London

5 years experience Salary:$24 / hour
Gardienne disponible


I have worked at GBHS- Owen Sound Hospital in many different units some of which include the women and childcare unit, patient registration, day surgery and the ER. I was also a Camp Counsellor at a Camp called "Camp Huronda" its a Camp for kids ages 9-16 with diabetes. There i was in charge of a cabin of six young girls and had to ensure their safety at all times. I kept an up to date record of their blood sugar readings, made sure they were eating healthy and nutritious meals and of course HAVING FUN! :D Also, i have done babysitting for years not only for other families but my own too. I have two brothers and two sisters i am the second oldest, my youngest sister just turned five, so its a constant run around (though i no longer live at home) I would not change it for the world, i love it!

Number of children:

up to 2

Age of chidlren comfortable caring:

I have no preference

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Salary:$24 / hour

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