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Last active 58 days ago

General info


Junior high school degree

I have succesfully passed the Red Cross babysitting course, and can provide a physical copy/photo of the certificate if needed.


English, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian

Timing preferences:


Masha (15) - Babysitter - Kitchener

1 year experience Salary:$14 / hour
Caring and friendly


I am a very motivated and ambitious 14 year old student, also a certified babysitter. I love kids, and spending time with them, teaching them new interesting things. I like to dedicate my time towards advancing my knowledges, especially in the field of math, and would love to share my knowledges with kids! I have helped my siblings with homework, and also my friends at school, and they have always used to say they understand the material better after I have explained it to them! I strongly believe that being a teenager, I am more likely to find a common language with your kids, earn their trust, provide a safe and fun environment, and that is exactly what i am looking forward to doing! I have had a very little formal babysitting experience (18 hours exactly), but apart from that, I have been caring for my 2 younger siblings approximately for the past 6 years, as well as helping them with homework since they went to school and teaching them new interesting things!

Number of children:

up to 2

Age of chidlren comfortable caring:

5 to 8

Ready to offer:

Salary:$14 / hour

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