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General info


Some college

I currently have no immediate Child Care certification on hand . I did tutoring and babysitting in another country for a family for about 1 year



Timing preferences:

Regular, Full time

Sahara Contact
Salary:$16 / hour
Patient , understanding, able to participate in activities they love and keep them protected whiles in my care

Years of experience:

1 year


I believe that kids should always have someone to look after them, not only for safety but to hear them out and make them feel accepted. I grew up with many younger siblings and nieces and I truly enjoyed taking care of them and participating in activities they loved. I have not only professional child care experience from working at a pre school with taking care of other clients’ kids but also experience from the age of 12 from babysitting my nieces and siblings almost ever day. I ensure that all work and responsibilities are completed/carried out while still having fun and maintaining a good relationship with kids and making sure they are comfortable around me. I have been described as patient and gentle with clients’ children and most importantly the kids were always happy to have me work with them which indicated that they were pleased with me overall.

Number of children:

up to 2

Age of chidlren comfortable caring:

8 to 12

Ready to offer:

Salary:$16 / hour

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