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Last active 23 days ago

General info


Some senior high school


English, French

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Noemi (18) - Pet Sitter - Val-des-Monts

Pet Sitter
5 years experience Salary:$18 / hour
I give a lot of affection to dogs and I am very attentive to their needs


I am a good candidate for dog sitting, because I myself have three dogs at home and I often look after them.

How many pets ready to take care of?:

up to 4

Type of pets ready to take care of:

Ready to offer:

Salary:$18 / hour

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Candidate Profile

Kassandra (29) - Pet Sitter - Gatineau

As an animal lover, I’m caring patient responsible and trustworthy. I will care for your pet(s) as if they were mine. I love to go on nature...

10+ years exp
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Melanie (36) - Pet Sitter - Gatineau

Good morning. I'm in my thirties and I've always been surrounded by animals even though I was never able to have one of my own, the...

6 years exp
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Judith (56) - Pet Sitter - Val-des-Monts

Bonjour, j'adore les chiens, mon dernier a fait le cours de chien de thérapie et la certification mais est décédé au printemps dernier d'un...

10+ years exp
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Eva (15) - Pet Sitter - Val-des-Monts

I have always had cats, dogs and horses since I was young, so I am very comfortable with animals, walking them, feeding them, washing them,...

8 years exp
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Betsy (20) - Pet Sitter - Gatineau

Hello, I am a student at the University. I love taking care of animals by feeding them, grooming their coats, grooming their claws and playi...

10+ years exp
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isabelle (35) - Pet Sitter - Gatineau

Bonjour je m’appelle isabelle. J’ai pratiquement toujours eu des animaux. Présentement j’ai 1 chien 2 chats 2 cochon d’Inde et 2 furet.

10+ years exp
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Sylvie (61) - Pet Sitter - Gatineau

Bonjour, J'adore les animaux. Je ne peux vivre sans eux. Je suis une personne douce et responsable qui a à cœur le bien-être de tous les an...

10+ years exp
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Lovely (25) - Pet Sitter - Gatineau

I am an attentive, affectionate and kind person. I don't like mistreating animals because they are living beings just like humans. I lik...

7 years exp
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Ashley (22) - Pet Sitter - Gatineau

Bonjour, je suis persuadée que je suis la bonne candidate pour vos animaux. Du plus loin que je me rappelle nous avions des chiens à la mais...

10+ years exp
Candidate Profile

Mélissa (31) - Pet Sitter - Gatineau

Je suis une personne qui adore tout les animaux qu'il sois gros ou petit,que se soit un pitou,minet ou petit lapin et je leur donne tout l'a...

5 years exp
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