Aide besoins spéciaux
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Créé le: 24/06/2020
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Emploi de Aide besoins spéciaux Temps partiel recherché à Laflèche (Québec) - SOSgarde

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Mental health, medically fragile, highly sensitive persons, chronic fatigue, anxiety/depression

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Years of family and social experiences learning to connect with people who are bound to severe anxiety, all sorts of heavy psychoenergetic blockages, depression, and targeted individual outcasts like I was one myself. I am a Lightworker and I know how difficult it can be to be gaslighted, narcissistically abused and sucking in all the surrounding energy and negativity. As an empath I strongly feel and relate ro people's deepest feelings.. very intuitive. I can teach you to shield your energy, save it and have healthier boundaries. I want to apply my energy healing skills in practise or just help you or a loved one with home living tasks while you or that loved one are so tired and low in energy. Available 3-4 days a week. I'll move to Laurentides this year so please no pressure to always go in one spot. For All ages. I completed CPR. **I, deeply redpilled, rebel against perpetually changing social distanciations and masks. I can wear gloves if the person is dermatically or immunologically fragile in some way. If that scares you because you trust the communist news, don't hire me.**


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