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Emploi de Aide aux aînés Temps partiel recherché à Montreal (Québec) - SOSgarde

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Senior caregiver

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This job would entail daily supervision and companionship of an 80 year old man in his sons home. He has been living in the Philippines for many years but we believe he now has some form and dementia and we are trying to get him back Montreal. The time it takes to have him seen by medical professionals (once in Montreal), get a diagnosis and decide on a course of action for his living situation he will need supervision as we believe he may wander and put himself at risk especially in an environment he is not familiar with. We would need someone who’s schedule is flexible as we are looking at having the person work 2 weeks on and then be off for 2 weeks.. Only weekdays for full 7-8 hour days. The person would need to supervise, keep him company, do leisure activities, help him with making light meals (he still cooks). It appears that he is autonomous for personal care. He is physically fit for someone his age. No cleaning of the home required however cleaning after him (ie, making his bed, his dishes etc) would be needed. We think that he would respond well to a Filipino caregiver, this would be a bonus.


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